New – Snapshot of History

For several years now, Queen’s University Archives has been providing a “Snapshot of History” to the local newspaper – Kingston This Week.  In order to make this available to a wider audience it has been decided to post these photographs and captions to our Cabinet of Curiosities blog.  These posts will be tagged with the “Snapshot of History Category”.  The archives staff hope that these will provide enjoyment to those of you that visit our blog.

SNAPSHOT OF HISTORY  for July 7, 2010.

During 1860s, swimming became a popular recreation in England.  Several water sports also developed around that time. Water rugby was one of them. Eventually, the water polo name became attached to it, and it has been called this ever since. Queen’s University’s Men’s first Water Polo Team formed in earlier 1930s. This picture from Queen’s Picture Collection was taken in 1940.

The team consists of:    Left to Right:  Standing – Wallace Berry (Coach), Jack Bie, Dave Duncan, Jack Grant,  Roy McMichael, William Brass and George Clement (trainer).  Kneeling – Harry Jones, Bruce McIver (Captain), Gerry Hamilton (manager) and W. Gary.

Water polo team.

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