Kingston – Cape Vincent Bridge

For nearly two centuries, plans and ideas have come and gone in connection with building a bridge from Kingston to Wolfe Island. Arguments would abound pro and con around the idea of building such a structure between the two landmasses. There have also been those who have dreamt even larger visions of a bridge over the St Lawrence, grander in scale than the international bridges at Ivy Lea or at Johnstown that would by-pass Wolfe Island altogether.

One such ambitious project was presented to the Kingston Chamber of Commerce in the mid 1960s. Called the “Kingston — Cape Vincent Bridge”, the scheme was designed by Steinman, Boynton, Gronquist & London, Consulting Engineers, of the City of New York. It was to be anchored on the north side of the water, just west of the current Invista (Dupont) property, while its southern end would touch down just outside of Cape Vincent. Like those that came before and after, it “remained on the drawing board.” To this day residents and visitors continue to enjoy the pleasures of travelling between Kingston, Wolfe Island, and Cape Vincent on the Wolfe Islander III and Horne’s Ferry.

The image can be found in Queen’s University Archives, Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce fonds,
Locator #V065, “Miscellaneous Photos”.

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