Kingston’s Anglican Cathedral


St George's Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario

The first church of St. George’s in Kingston, Upper Canada, was built in 1792.  Since the church began to play a role of greater importance in the culture of the early community, a larger building was soon required. The limestone church in the photograph was constructed in 1825 at the corner of King and Johnson Streets. Major changes such as the addition of the cupola, were carried out in the 1840’s.

Later in the century, with the growing importance of the Kingston region in the province of Ontario, St. George’s church was designated as an Anglican cathedral in 1862.

This photo is from the Powell Studio fonds in the Queen’s University Archives. James William Powell (1842-1896) was an early photographer  and opened his own studio in Kingston, Ontario in 1873.  His premises were located at 135 Wellington Street over King’s Drug Store from 1875 to the early 1880’s, and later at 43 Brock Street (part of the Anchor Block), then finally at 165 Princess Street by 1883.

KTW Photos\ V27-8248 A-StGeorgeCathedral.jpg

V027 – Item 8248 A

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