Snapshot of History: aerial of Barriefield village

Aerial photograph of Barriefield village by George Lilley

Queen’s University Archives is privileged to hold the work of photographer George E.O. Lilley.  Mr. Lilley worked as a commercial and newspaper photographer in the city of Kingston for many, many years, beginning in the late 1940s.  He was also contracted to provide photos by more than a few of the leading newspapers and wire services in the country.  He operated a studio for a considerable length of time at 38 Clarence Street.  One of his favourite “beats” was to load his camera equipment into an airplane, and fly over Kingston and region, taking aerial photographs of the city and outlying communities. One such image was captured in the mid 1950s, as he flew east over the Cataraqui River, and focused in on the village of Barriefield.  By taking St. Mark’s Anglican Church, located slightly off-centre, as a point of reference, it is easy to see how much has changed over the intervening years, especially in terms of both growth, and the arterial network of roads that now lead into and out of, and around Barriefield itself.

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