Season’s Greetings to all our visitors!!

The annual Christmas card.

This odd little Christmas card sprang from the long lasting friendship of a pair of creative and prolific Canadian journalists and fiction writers.  Arthur John Arbuthnot Stringer (1874 – 1950) was born in Chatham, Ontario and worked briefly for the Montreal Herald newspaper in the last years of the nineteenth century before he moved to New York.  Madge Macbeth was born in Philadelphia but married a Canadian and settled in Ottawa.  On the early death of her husband she supported her young family through her writing for newspapers, magazines and with her popular novels.  At some point during their friendship they started to return the same Christmas card to each other and this continued for several years, always with comic quips, teasing accusations of miserliness and pasted additions of old stamps and scraps of recycled paper.  The result was a quirky but intimate documentation of their friendship.

Queen’s University Archives.  Location: 2999

“The years pass, leaving me in wonder as to why I don’t do something useful with them.” – Madge Macbeth.

“Society my dear is like salt water, good to swim in, but hard to swallow!” – Arthur Stringer.

Letter from Madge donating the card to the Archives.


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