New(ish) acquisition: Kingston Sleighing Club journal

Last year we acquired the journal of the Kingston Driving Club, 1849-1851. Purchased from a collector in England, the leather-bound journal was in fairly good shape overall, however there were some small tears and binding issues that needed attention from our conservator. Now, fresh from the conservator’s hands, in a custom-made enclosure, the journal is available for perusal in the Reading Room. The description of this lovely item is below, plus a couple of digital images to pique your interest.

Item description:Item is a detailed book of the proceedings of the Kingston Driving Club from 26 December 1949 to 7 February 1851. The proceedings were predominantly written in prose, though occasionally in verse, by the Vice-Presidents of the Club; the role of Vice-President rotated at each meeting. The subject matter of the minutes is heavily weighted towards the social aspects of the meetings and often touches upon the route travelled during the outing, the food and drink served, the abilities of specific drivers and the qualities of various horses, harnesses and sleighs.

The authors of the entries were: Lt. Col. Horn, XX Regiment (also known as the 20th East Devon Regiment of Foot); Major Hugh D. Crofton, XX Regiment; Baron de Longueuil; Major Forbes; Captain Sharpe, XX Regiment; Lt. Morrison, Royal Engineers; Dr. Horatio Yates; Major Gen. Hon. C. Gore; J.A. Corbett, Sheriff; Astley P. Cooper; John B. Forsyth; Lt. Henry P. J. Miller, Royal Artillery.; Lt. J. Gore, ADC; Mr. Bowen; Dr. Combe, Royal Artillery; and Lt. W. Markham.

Additional members of the club are identified as: Lt. John Yerbury Moggridge, Royal Engineers, Treasurer; Hon. Peter Boyle de Blaquiere; Captain Cane, XX regiment; Lt. Miller, Royal Artillery; Lt. Hill, Royal Artillery; Lt. Evans, Royal Artillery; Lt. E. F. Anstey, XX regiment; Lt. M. T. Thomson, XX Regiment; Lt. Lutyens, XX Regiment; Captain Sharpe, XX Regiment; Capt. McCausland, Royal Engineers; Lt. Adair, XX Regiment; Lt. Mansfield Turner, XX Regiment; Lt. McNeil, XX regiment; Lt. Col. Young, A.A. General; Dr. Cole, XX Regiment; Lt. Sedley, Royal Engineers; Lt. Seale, Royal Artillery; Dr. Robeson; Mr. Muttlebury; Mr. Kirkpatrick, Mr. McLean; Lt. Poley, XX Regiment; Lt. Davis, Royal Navy; Mr. Hinds; Mr. Bowen; Mr. Stevens, XX Regiment; Mr. Turner, XX Regiment; Major Symons, Royal Artillery; Baron de Rottenburg, A.A. General; Captain South, XX Regiment, Mr. H. James, XX Regiment; and Lt. Col. Dalton, Royal Artillery.

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